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2017. Year of the mobile business boom.

The costs associated with setting up a bricks and mortar base for entrepreneurs can be quite daunting, especially in today’s real-estate and market down turn. And whilst it may seem like the logical step for established business owners, it is fast becoming a common trend to take your business on the road, mobile, free and to the people.

So the Question is why move to a mobile business model? What could possibly be better than a shop or permanent facility? Let’s take a look at the factor’s influencing Entrepreneur’s and Business owners alike.



First and Foremost, money is what makes the world go round. The driving force behind a move to Mobile business is the mild financial and attractive entry cost it offers, especially to new business start ups. Let’s take Food Trucks as a case study.

Your typical Costs in Perth to buy a decent size shop to start trading your restaurant easily would eclipse north of $400k, when factoring in lease, fit out, advertising/media, equipment, staff, utilities, stock, licencing fees etc.

A typical Start up Cost on a standard sized 3.6M Food trailer fully fitted out with your kitchen, branding, all necessary equipment to get you ready to begin operating can be achieved for under $60k. The Best food truck builds in Perth can be found @Elross.  Check out their info page here  We offer complete design, construction, fit out, branding to get your Mobile Food trailer or truck ready for trade in complete turn key.


We are all time poor these days. Fact. Mobile businesses offer flexibility to not only the business owner/s but also flexibility to the customers.  Being Mobile Gives both parties Freedom.

Trade when you want, whereever you want (to a degree with appropriate permits). No scheduled hours on the clock waiting for the customers to come to you. The customer knows where you will be with your savvy social media skills, making more profitability possible in a smaller, more efficient time frame.

Sign a long lease and be locked in to one location for years, not knowing if the traffic will create enough profit can be daunting, and kill a new business off before they’ve even got going. With a mobile business simply pack up and move to a new location, and keep trying until you find what works. Change is as good as a holiday they say!



It’s no surprise that big business is getting on board with the mobile Business Culture, not necessarily to create additional profits, but to increase brand awareness.  If the big boys like Muzz Buzz and Zambrero have built with us at Elross to get involved into the Mobile food culture, surely you must be on the right track!?

Well yes of course… But  You still have to do your homework, do your research and market yourself correctly to make your statement in the growing field. A key element to this is making sure your Business layout suits what you are trying to achieve. More on this in future articles!


Let’s face it, its all well and good to have the best intentions that “its not about the money” but we all know it makes that cake all that little bit sweeter! Mobile Business can create an amazing amount of wealth for your new found venture, as one of recent Builds found out very quickly! The Fat Buddah was shipped up to Karratha for its new food trailer owner last month. In the coming weeks the Fat Buddah traded for 3 weeks straight, with its WORST taking for a night @ $3000 before expenses. The trading has already nearly paid for the cost to start the business. How many Bricks and mortar businesses could say something similar?



If your soul purpose is to attain profit, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Profits come from passion and love.  We see all sorts of weird, wacky and wonderful ideas through the doors at Elross, some fantastic, some just fantasy. What we do recognize is when someone has the Passion, enthusiam and drive.  You have to be doing it for the right reasons, putting the love into the product, the time and the effort. We often find the people who are modest, have realistic goals, have purpose, dedication to the journey are the ones who benefit the most and reap the rewards.


So what lies before the Mobile business future? 

GROWTH. Being on the front line in the changing evolution of buisness, it is exciting to see the transformation or addition to many businesses going down the pathway of a mobile unit. The game is changing and we only see this trend incresing over the next 3-5 years. Elross is now booked out with work until December 2017 – All Mobile Business orientated, from Mobile Dental Vans, to your obligatory Food Trailers, with the order bank increasing every week. Its an exciting time to be involved with the evolutionary change of business in not only Western Australia, but Australia wide.