Caravanning in Australia just got serious!

Caravanning in Australia just got serious!

With the turmoil that has faced many individuals and businesses as a result of COVID-19, there is a small silver lining for Australia’s tourism, hospitality and the general caravan industry in the coming months and years ahead. The past few months have been tough for the industry in general, with reduced sales and forecast as the uncertainty and stock market crash wiped many prospective retirees and travellers superannuation down a decent chunk, forcing many to re-evaluate their finances. However, I’ve seen this as more short term pain for long term gain in my opportunistic eyes. The industry is on it’s way for a real upswing in growth and resurgence.

Lockdowns, travel restrictions and potentially years of no real opportunity for overseas travel are slowly brewing a “perfect storm” scenario for consumers and manufacturers, where by being couped up in isolation is making the grass greener and people lusting for that travel bug experience. Many people are turning to the open possibility of exploring the greatest back yard in the world, Australia itself.

The perception and real fear out there for international travel will no doubt add fuel to the fire, where by cashed up seasoned travellers are in turn to looking at doing “The Lap” instead of travelling abroad, opening up a sector of the market which was never really been there to target before.
The manufacturing problems also seen by a halt to Chinese production, have on face value, underlined the importance of considering and supporting Australian Manufacturing in this country once again. Australian manufacturing has been struggling the past decade with the increased competition and seriously low price point from some imported brands, bringing the demise to many well-established companies. This time I feel it’s different and I get a sense that many consumers DO want something Australian made and even locally made right here in Perth. They will be prepared to pay the few dollars extra if they know they are supporting Australian, getting the right service and helping keep their money circulating in the local economy. This will be more important than ever.

Over the past six weeks we have seen a sharp increase in general caravan enquires with many people investing their free time during isolation into doing their homework and research to prepare for when the border restrictions ease to get set for travel. Families I think are going to be the model space that moves along at record levels of sales, with many young families turning to socials and seeing the booming lifestyle that many social influencers experience with life on the road.

australia has the best playground in the world to explore, and with covid-19, i think a lot more people just realised..

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