4×4 Caravans

4×4 Off-Road Caravans in Perth

Elross Has built a strong reputation for constructing some Australia’s toughest, All terrain, hardcore, off road vehicles over the past thirty years. Elross also work closely with our customers to determine your exact requirements. Our expertise in working from concept vision to reality, delivers an unparalleled, exciting, experience for our customers.

We will help analyse your specific goals and targets, and develop a construction strategy to help reach your goals and targets for your customised Elross. We offer a full in house design service, letting you take control of the look and feel of your own vehicle. It are these little differences that makes an Elross Caravan the best Caravan.

Our qualified experts ensures compliance with all relevant Australian Standards and ADRs when constructing your unique Elross Van.

Shell Structure

  • Elross Exclusive EPS panelling system (Expanded Polystyrene) offering consumers a light weight, high load bearing, thermally efficient and sustainable solution to modern construction. This is not a composite panel product, using 50mm EPS core, ColourBond Steel overlay’s the Panels skin to give many years longevity in Australia’s harsh climate over traditional fibrous skin panels. Elross’s unique Locking system joins the Walls and roofing panels for incredible strength and stiffness, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing and offering considerable weight reduction.


Elross are known for their quality towing, there are a few trade secrets we can’t give away, but a solid well thought out, square chassis is the fundamental key to constructing a good quality Caravan, or any trailer for that matter. Elross chassis’ utilize Australian mills Duragal Steel. Each and every chassis is customised per specific order, meaning there are no pre made jigs, just good old fashioned quality handmade Fabrication. All welds are layered with Cold Galvanising to further increase the resistance to corrosion.


Elross have access to some of the best suspension systems available today. We work closely with Cruisemaster, who have unparalleled knowledge in this sector and a bulletproof product that matches the Elross Standard.  The main options that we recommend dependent on application are:

  • Independent Coil & Shock
  • Independent Airbag and Shock

Independent Suspension offers great functionality and articulation for the serious off-roader. These systems are designed to give maximum clearance and compression on rough surfaces, and although are capable as a bitumen alternative, the extra working componentry and shorter service intervals mean that we recommend these systems for serious Off-Road applications only. Coils V Airbag is a high debate topic, there are pro’s and con’s of both systems. This is where our Team at Elross will work out what system will suit your application best.

CRS (Country Road Suspension) is another option for Travellers who plan on staying on the black stuff but who also want to venture on the odd, gravel road with a few pot holes here and there. The suspension is still a Coil/Shock and trailing arm combination but its operation is a little less complicated and basic.


Elross customization is almost limitless. Our ability to work with you, one on one, enables us to tailor your interior design and layout exactly how you envisage. Modern, crisp, clean pallets are our main priority and reflect the true modern look and feel of an Elross built product.  Fancy a big shower? No problem. Want two bedrooms? Done. Club lounge with a big screen HDTV? Easy.  No task is too big or small with Elross


Elross is at the forefront of Renewable energy technology. We encourage that every Elross Caravan is built with the environment in mind and reducing your carbon footprint. Solar in the RV industry is almost a necessity and with the ever growing popularity and affordability it makes natural sense. Elross can design and integrate simple cost effective systems to take care of the basics, right through to total, Off-Grid power solutions using Li-Ion technology.