Elross is an Industry Leader when it comes to the manufacturer of customized Industrial, Mining , Government , Commercial and Trade/Show vans. We have the ability to design and build Trailers and FCV’s (Forward Control Vans) to your companies exact specifications. Elross are the complete Turn Key Mobile Logistics specialists many Companies turn to, when looking to construct their specialist projects.

All Of Elross’s Industrial Caravans & Units are constructed from Australian sourced materials, utilizing as much environmentally friendly, sustainable resources as possible, to minimise our Carbon foot print.

Every Elross Industrial van Is designed to tackle the harsh Australian Conditions, from the engineering of our Chassis, through to the Use of our EPS panelling system (50mm thick) with a colourbond exterior sheet for many years of heavy wear and tear. Elross industrial vans also feature our own exterior and Interior Lock moulds that have incredible load bearing characteristics that not only serve a structural purpose but are also aesthetically pleasing.

The best feature of an Elross Mobile Logistics Caravan is they can be easily towed by a regular 4WD vehicle in most cases.

Elross Mobile Solutions include;


  • Forward Control Sleepers
  • Forward Control Kitchens
  • Mobile site camps
  • General site & Slide on Accomodation
  • Forward control Ablution blocks
  • Pig Trailers
  • Dog trailers


  • Forward Control Command posts
  • Forward control Crib Rooms
  • Slide On Equipment Storage Facilities
  • Special needs & disability Caravans
  • Medical & screening Facilities


  • Telecommunications hubs
  • Prospecting Forward control Vehicles
  • Mobile Medical Facilities

Display & Promotion Trailers

  • Marketing trailers
  • Events & equipment storage Trailers
  • Ticket offices/booths
  • Merchandise Trailers
  • Slide on Display units

Whether the project is short or long term, an Elross Mobile Caravan is the ideal solution for businesses or government departments wanting to source a flexible product with multiple applications. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs and see how we can turn your challenge into our solution. Elross – mobile logistics, multiple solutions.